How to register a Malta Company?

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While coming up with an idea of establishing a business is quite easy, the complete process of getting it done is a task in itself. There are multiple countries in the Mediterranean but Malta stands out as everyone’s favourite. Be it the sunny weather or nice and humble people Malta has ticks all the boxes in the list. There is very little information regarding the registration process of a company so, in this article, we will share with the top necessary step you need to do to register a Malta company.

  • The first and the foremost process in establishing your company in Malta is to choose the right kind of sector for it. There are two options from which you can choose. The limited liability company or Self-employed are the choices given to individuals who want to open a company in Malta.
  • After the choice is made, the documentation process starts. One needs to prepare the document of the memorandum and the association related articles as soon as possible.
  • Then to begin a business a particular amount of money must be invested or put in the bank of Malta by the company. It is called the minimum share capital.
  • After the deposits are done, the work on registering the company starts. You need to send all your company-related documents to financial service authority who checks and approves them.
  • Then you need to get a licence and the Tax identification number for operating your business and pay the taxes.
  • You then need to register for VAT and you will be liable to pay VAT if your business exceeds the amount of 35000 euros per year.
  • If your company is an LLC then you need to register for a mandatory PE number.
  • You need to occasionally report to the employment and training department and also protect all your data by doing the necessary precautions.

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