Four Reasons Why You Think You'd Hate Spinning Classes

Four Reasons Why You Think You’d Hate Spinning Classes


There have been dozens of conversations that go something like this: “Trust me, I swear you’ll love it!” “No way, I hate Spinning classes!” “Have you ever actually been? I thought I’d hate it until I tried it!” “Yeah but you’re much fitter – I’ve never tried it, but I just know it’s not for me.” Bad news for Person #2 – Spinning classes are for everyone. With no impact strain, personally adjustable levels and speeds, and a fun and energising atmosphere, Spinning classes are making converts out of anyone who gives it a go. If any of these reasons are why you’re not going to spinning classes, then I’m going to have to break it to you; they’re actually some of the best reasons to give it a try. 1) “I’m Not Fit Enough, I Won’t Keep Up.” This is the attitude of someone who has given up before they even try – and that’s not you. You would at least give it a go, right? Besides, even if you do feel like you’d struggle, spinning classes have been designed so that there is plenty of opportunities for each individual to customise their workout. You adjust your resistance level and you pedal as fast or slow as you can – the ball is completely in your court. Nobody else in the class would even notice if your resistance was low and they wouldn’t care either – Spinning is a group session where everyone is giving it their all and focussing completely on their own body, while supporting everyone else in the class. 2) “I’ve Got A Sore Leg/Arm/Etc.” Spinning is a great exercise since there is no impact strain. You’re not doing any heavy lifting, jumping, or awkward manoeuvres. You’re in more control of your movement than if you were walking! While you should always tread with caution when combining an injury with exercise, Spinning classes are generally considered to be safe and manageable. It can also be a great method of rehabilitation, to build strength back up and safely fortify any tendons and ligaments around the knee. 3) “I Don’t Know Anyone There.” Perfect! Not only can you bring your focus completely back to the exercise without nattering away to your friend next to you or worrying about what someone might think, but you can meet new people who you have a common interest in. Spinning classes tend to invite a sense of camaraderie, as everyone has mounted their own personal Everest’s in the same room, and you might find a great new friend out of it all. 4) “I’d Have No Idea What To Do.” Nobody knows exactly how to do anything before they do it, but I have great news. Spin cycles classes are easy! While they can be physically demanding, you’ll soon realise that the technique and rhythm come naturally, and you’ll be completely competent in no time at all. At KAYA, our Melbourne Spinning classes are a huge hit. If you’re a member and you haven’t given it a go, check our timetable for a class that suits you, and grab a towel and a water bottle! If you’re not a member, but you’re interested in how KAYA Health Clubs can be a part of your lifestyle, come and talk to our friendly team about membership options.

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