4 Basics for Turning Your Basement into a Man Cave


If you want to create a man cave in your home, a place where you can retreat after work and enjoy some “me time”, your basement is the way to go. Why use it as a storage space that you rarely ever set your foot into, when you can turn it into a fun space to watch the game and spend some quality time with friends?

However, you can’t just clean it up a bit and start spending your time there. You need to properly spruce it up, as well as make sure that it is safe to hang out in, that is, that there’s no mold, moisture, or anything else that could create problems that are expensive to fix later.

You’ve come to the right place, as we round up some basics for properly turning your basement into a man cave that you and your friends will absolutely love.

Prepare the Walls and Floors

You need to waterproof the walls and floors of your basement so that you keep out any moisture that could cause problems, such as molds or even floods.

So, waterproof and seal the walls before you paint them, and be sure to install concrete floors that you’ll also waterproof. You might want to hire professional concrete floor installers, so that you ensure everything’s done perfectly.

Add Electrical Wiring

You’ll probably need many electrical outlets for all your devices and appliances, such as your TV, Internet modem, gaming console, mobile chargers, coffee maker, refrigerator and what-not. Be sure to install them before you add the furniture and all the other stuff.

Move in the Furniture

Apart from the necessary comfy sofa, cozy chairs, and coffee tables, you need a sturdy desk for your gaming and a TV stand. You should also consider a bar unit, because what’s a man cave without one? Also, a pool table would be an excellent addition that will make your time with the mates an absolute blast.

Decorate Your Man Cave

The devil is in the details, so feel free to add anything that will reflect your personality and style. That could be your sports trophies, posters, a dart board, pictures of your favorite players, light-up neon signs, or anything else that you find interesting.

There are lots of other things to do to convert your basement into a fun man cave, but these are definitely the essential steps to start with. In the end, the most important thing is to feel completely at ease every time you enter the cave, so do whatever you think will help you truly relax and have an amazing time.