How To Apply For Medicaid

How To Apply For Medicaid

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OVERVIEW The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 was a major achievement in settling overall budget issues, but it contained a large number of items directly related to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Major changes in coverage, payment, and reimbursement processes were included in the bill. This webinar will provide attendees with the items that were included in the bill that will impact them, and what they should be expected to do to respond to those changes. CMS has also issued their draft call letter for the 2019 Medicare Advantage program. This proposed set of changes will broaden the scope of Medicare Advantage and provide additional opportunities to offer services to Medicare Advantage members. These changes may not be well known to providers and others but will have an impact on their operations. The webinar will provide the details of these changes.

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND The Medicare and Medicaid programs change each year, often dramatically. Providers, vendors, and patients are often unaware of the changes until long after they go into effect. This causes significant disruptions in the delivery and payment of health services. By getting information on these changes early, individuals and organizations can react to the changes and prepare accordingly. This removes a considerable amount of uncertainty in operations. AREAS COVERED The areas covered in the session will include the provisions of the Budget Act directly related to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, the impacts on health care organizations, provisions related to the expansion of telehealth coverage, changes in the MIPS physician payment incentives, and impacts on Accountable Care Organizations. The discussion regarding the Medicare Advantage call letter will include the addition of supplemental benefits, changes to payment rates, and the increased use of encounter data to set rates. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Health care provider, vendor, and managed care plan attendees will understand the impacts of the new budget bill and the Medicare Advantage call letter on their organizations. Attendees will also understand what actions will need to be taken as a result of those impacts. This will prepare attendees for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement over the next few years. WHO WILL BENEFIT Health Care providers/staffs Medicare Advantage plans Revenue cycle vendors SPEAKER

Stanley Nachimson is principal of Nachimson Advisors, a health IT consulting firm dedicated to finding innovative uses for health information technology and encouraging its adoption. The firm serves a number of clients, including, the Cooperative Exchange, EHNAC, InstaMed, and the Pew Foundation. Stanley is focusing on assisting health care providers, vendors, and plans with regulatory interpretation and implementation, influencing HIT policy, and providing advice on HIT industry status and trends. Stanley is the author of the authoritative paper on the cost of ICD-10 for physician practices. He served at CMS for over 30 years, with a focus on HIPAA and other HIT regulations during his last 10 years there. For more detail please click on this below link:

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