Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry

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New technology and all newly introduced methods of manufacturing processes co-joined with the ever growing economy has been a big boost for the manufacturing sector. The industry was crumbling into ashes. It had lost hope and was almost stagnant. However, despite the positive news that is being witnessed in the manufacturing sector, there are various challenges that continue to brew up every day. Good news is that the manufacturers can formulate ways to leverage the modest technological advancements in order to face all the problems affecting the sector head-on. While still solving the issue, they will also be gaining speedy momentum towards production with no major disruptions. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges facing the industry.

Skilled Labor

There are many rookies making their debut in the industry. This means that the old but skillful and experienced personnel are retiring. Technically there will be a massive labour shortage in major industries. This a big blow for the sector. By the year 2025, there will be approximately 2 million to about 3.5 million jobs that will be up for grab. This will be a great disaster for the industry. With this kind of a gap, production will be disrupted.

However, technology has been proving otherwise every day. Manufacturers are not worried. They have maintained a cool head. They no longer see a major importance of hiring human employees. What they now require is employees with different or more technical skills.

Automated Machines

Manufacturers have developed certain automated machines that have been installed with sensors. These machines are so common in today’s industries. They allow manufacturers to pick and collect large volumes of data. The manufacturing jobs are making a massive turn especially with humans being replaced with machines.

What manufacturers need is employees that are equipped with extra skill sets. Most require those that are good in mathematics and are exemplary proficient in analytical assignments. The need for a significant lot of unskilled and less trained workforce is slowly shrinking away. Humans introduced technology and now it’s becoming more prevalent.

With the various advancements in virtual reality and augmented reality type of technology, this has empowered manufacturers to be able to train on various tasks and at the same time cutting costs. There is a significant increase in the number of machines that are being used by manufacturers. Major industries have already implemented this idea. They have machines already processing and underseeing various activities in the firm. What manufacturers only need is to repair and maintain these machines. During repairs, the engineers responsible always have cutting oils so as to thoroughly do the metal works.

The machines are of great assistance to the industry. They regularly gather data and also enlighten manufacturers on various predictions concerning their maintenance and at the same time increasing production. Of all the processes, gathering data is an effortless activity. However, compiling and analyzing the data collected is the actual challenge. Many industries have automated machines running on their floors. However, the machines are not able to aggregate and analyze the information that is needed. This is proof that the manufacturers are missing on a very crucial opportunity.