Simultaneous Translation Booth - An Innovation in Language Translation Field

Simultaneous Translation Booth – An Innovation in Language Translation Field

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Simultaneous translation booth has made lives easier for interpretators around the world. You may ask how? Well before delving into that, let’s first go back and know a little about simultaneous translation services. What is simultaneous interpretation? When you wish to plan a multiple translations in multiple languages at the same time, then the simultaneous translation equipment comes in real handy. It allows you to provide instant interpretation of the words at any event in real time with 100% accuracy in any requested language. With interpretation equipment rentals, one can easily organize a multilingual, multicultural conference or corporate event without any hassle. Translation India in fact, provides one of the best and highly advanced simultaneous translation equipment rentals in the country. With its superior technology and working with only premium brands like Bosch, Translation India offers supreme quality simultaneous translation equipment at affordable rentals. Our interpretation equipment offers: Crystal, clear sound quality 100% accuracy in translation Superior quality sound Highly advanced technological equipments 24×7 customer support Interpretation in any requested language Up to 32 channel selection depending upon the model Strong power back up Easy to use and operate, high quality equipment Translation India provides two types: Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment RF Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment And for this high quality equipment to work smoothly and in a peaceful environment, Translation India also provides the facility of mobile simultaneous translation booth. These sound-proof booths can be built anywhere and facilitate high-end simultaneous interpretation in all languages like Hindi, English, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Bengali, Spanish, French, Tamil, Gujarati and many more! Accommodating up to 3 translators in one booth, the simultaneous mobile, sound-proof booth allow interpretation with zero interference from outside. Here are their distinguishing features: Easy to Build And Can Be Moved Easily FromOne Place To Another They Can Accommodate Up To 2-3 Translators Per Booth The Booths Are Completely, Sound Proof And Made Of Fiberglass Panel There Is Absolutely Zero Sound Interference From Outside Easy To Install Working Table Double Plexiglas┬« Window Air Conditioning Soundproof Flooring Interior Partition Systems Custom Size Built Simultaneous translation booth provides a new and better way of interpreting in any requested language. It is definitely a plus point to have. So when you hire simultaneous translation equipment from Translation India, you can also get access to simultaneous mobile booth rentals. Translation India has provides its premium services for many prestigious like Pravasi Bhartiya Divas and Herbal life Extravaganza. In fact, is has provides interpretation and language translation services for Prime Minister since many years now. With Translation India’s high quality interpretation equipment rentals, one can turn any corporate event into a success. The company also deals in silent disco headphones, audience response system and tour guide system along with several other technologically advanced product on rent across India. If you wish to make your next multicultural conference a hit, simply hire simultaneous interpretation equipment along with simultaneous translation booth on rent from translation India.

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