The Different Kinds of Materials Used to Make Tote Bags


Tote bags are always in trend as their uses are versatile like easy to carry and can store many kinds of things conveniently. They are reusable and best supportive tool to create brand awareness. In the present times, tote bags are included in the list of luxury accessory as ladies prefer to carry them everywhere even to parties.

Today, people are more interested to save the environment, thus prefer to use tote bags made from eco friendly material. Fortunately, there are makers and sellers of tote bags designed using biodegradable materials. Custom Earth Promos are always popular among customers, who desire to use their tote bags that are washable, long lasting, reusable and looks stylish.  Anytime you can buy Custom Eco Friendly Reusable Bags from their online website to be delivered to your given address without any delay.

Reusable tote bags are made using different kind of materials. Thus, before you order to buy the best suitable bag for you, know more in detail about the material.

Here are the materials used to make tote bags

  • Polypropylene- This material is used to manufacture water resistant bags. The plastic is melted to form a sheet of fabric.
  • Cotton- One of the most used materials to make bags as it is a natural material and available in abundance. The bags made of cotton material is cost effective, durable and is of many kinds in the market.
  • Polyester – It is synthetic fiber silky to touch and provides a smooth finish to tote bags. Young girls love to use the bags made of polyester and cotton combined together as it is stylish and durable.
  • Canvas – It is the heavier version of cotton used for making many durable things like tents, shoes and many more. Since ages canvas material is being used to make bags, thus no wonder that canvas is being used to make modified bags. Canvas is an eco-friendly material, strong enough to carry heavy loads and sustainable. Crafters prefer to use canvas for making stylish tote bags as they can paint, do embroidery or attach motifs easily on the material.
  • Nylon – The material is used widely to make light weight tote bags required to carry few small things. You can find this kind of tote bag commonly used by college and office goers.
  • PVC – This material is a see through, thus used only to create the most stylish tote bags, famously used by teenage girls. They are available in different colors that match best with any kind of modern dress.
  • Polyurethane – It is mainly used to make leather. It is mainly used in places where the climatic temperature is high as it is heat and moisture resistant.
  • Jute – Now, jute tote bags are in the trend as there are many kinds of jute fiber available to create handcrafted tote bags. The eco friendly materials make it possible to crochet tote bags, paint the outer surface of the jute bag and even attach patched motifs to make it look pleasant and trendy.

The materials used to make tote bags contribute a lot to make the bags popular worldwide.

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