What is fire damage restoration?


It is obvious that after fire suppression there is residues of smoke and soot accompanying with water from hoses of fire fighters. Fire damaged properties require variety of aggressive cleaning and restoration work than others. These properties need removal, cleanup, drying, sanitizing, deodorizing from combine damage from fire, water, smoke and soot.

Fire burns the building and contents leaving them in bad state. Water for putting out fire weakens the building and the wooden structure. Smoke odor and soot particles are produced after burning. All these damages at one property require an efficient fire damage repair company to provide specific treatments and restoration procedures to make properties back to pre-loss state and safe to live. Disaster Pros is the best choice for this job.

Due to a combination of damages, fire-stricken properties require a variety of restoration, repairing and rebuilding procedures. Many high quality industrial standard air movers, humidifiers and pumps are used to evacuate water and eliminate moisture from flooded areas. Left over moisture may lead to mold and mildew growth, structural weakness and other contamination risks later on.

After removal of water from area, debris are removed to clear floors and to clear the intensity of smoke odor. There are burnt rugs or furniture or clothes or wooden items or tiles on the floor and delay the process of restoration. This makes room for restoration workers to move and work quickly and efficiently. All the furniture, carpets, appliances and household items are removed to clean and repair. The things which cannot be salvaged are disposed off and salvageable are restored for use.

A trained professional can better guide you which badly burnt items should be thrown away rather than investing in its restoration. Replacement is better than the expenses, time and labor.

Vacuums are used to remove black layers of soot particles and make sure they are safe to use in wet areas. The electrical appliances and machines must be removed and handled carefully after turning them off to protect the workers from electric shock.

A combination of solutions and cleaners are used to remove and clean soot stains from surfaces. Varieties of solutions are designed to penetrate and remove the stains and odor from a particular type of material. Professional restoration workers are trained and expert in deciding which treatment is better for certain surfaces.

Air scrubbers are used to remove odor from air and make air quality better and safe for inhaling. Ashes and soot are very harmful for elder people, children and people with breathing issues, allergies and auto immune diseases. They offer special smoke deodorization, not only to remove smoke but also to filter harmful particles and biological contaminants from air. Pressure washers are used to remove soot residues and smoke from the exterior of building.

The aim of restoration workers is to completely remove smoke, soot, fire and water residues to offer you a healthy, safe and comfortable living place. The air quality is better free of smoke odor, the surfaces stain free, furniture and carpets other items restored and placed inside the freshly repaired building. Any risk of mold is treated to prevent its growth. The building is ready for their owners to live in.

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